Peter Of England’s Were Bank scam starts to unravel. 

EDIT: This is not a site for Were Bank or Peter of England (read the posts!). If you have been a victim of his scam I suggest you contact local law enforcement and take legal advice. 

EDIT: The FCA have at long last posted a warning about Were Bank. 

Members of Quatloos have called out Peter on his scam bank right from the start. Nevertheless it appears uptake to Were Bank was fairly high, fuelled by ongoing and open endorsement from Mark “Ceylon” Haining on as well as various vocal Were bank members.

Although it appears no one has had any actual success using Peter’s phoney cheques, with any inadvertent crediting of accounts eventually reversed, the apparent lack of definitive action from Police or regulators has left those that warn of the consequences of were bank somewhat frustrated. However even on goodf former proponents are accusing Peter of propagating a scam.

Rob Swift, once a vocal supporter is a prime example of this change in position. And credit has to be given for admitting the error of his ways.

However in a recent post on goodf (now inevitably locked and moved from the main forum):

Questions remain unanswered about Peter’s Bank project:

  1. Will Peter be arrested and charged in relation to the fraud and regulatory offences he appears to have committed?
  2. Will any members face criminal charges or civil sanctions for fraud for using the cheques?
  3. Who is printing the latest batch of cheques?
  4. How long will Peter continue to succeed in recruiting vulnerable and gullible members?

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