Hate Mail

As news of my site slowly spreads among OPCA gurus and followers I imagine I will be getting more and more comments like this. Whilst I am happy to have debate on the blog itself mere criticism and ad hominem stuff will be deposited here:

You may remember me from a number of private messages between us on a certain website. In those PM’s I stated I thought you had been unfairly treated. I now know I was totally wrong and that you are a sad, pathetic little man, a coward hiding behind internet anonymity, a liar, a cheat and a fraud, who’s life is so pitiful and empty, you have nothing better to do than send insulting and scurrilous messages to people in dire need of aid. You are without doubt among the worst dregs of society and your sad little life is as meaningless as your rhetoric. I would advise that you be careful what you say and to whom, as one day, you may very well say the wrong thing to the wrong person, and pay a hefty price.

– John “Faljay” 28 May 2014

I hope you get cancer and die a slow and painful death you stinking piece of shit. FOAD

jockenglish 10 June 2014

how old are you? 15 20 defo no more than 25

Mark “Ceylon” Haining 3 July 2013


One thought on “Hate Mail

  1. Wolfgang Wolf

    assholes like you maybe a little bit masochistic because it gives you bliss to be insulted. I hope some faggot with a big dick rip your little liar asshole tosser. All man are banks because only man can create wealth and it,s logic that fraudulent bank,s don,t like to accept cheques from preople. They hijacked the banking system with their FIAT money a long time ago and they don,t like to give it back. Were bank gives every man a chance to play the commerce game, so that his promissory note will get accepted.


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